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"If you enter a region, ask what its prohibitions are; if you visit a country, ask what its customs are; if you cross family’s threshold, ask what its taboos are.” 

– The Book of Rites (Li Ji), One of the Five Confucian Classics, ca. 500 BC.
X cultural consulting

Our programs are custom tailored to every client, whether it is one on one or in a group setting. 




Karen's personal and business experiences abroad give her a unique expertise at evaluating risk and unlocking the value of intercultural relationships to ensure success for her clients as they navigate cross-culturally.

"As a first-time sojourner to China I was as nervous as I was excited. Karen's cultural insight eased my fears, balanced my expectations and enhanced my learning experience. She is not just knowledgeable; she knows how to help others apply that knowledge in a practical and purposeful way.”

 Justin Schneider
Royal Roads University Student, Victoria, Canada  
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